You own a hairdressing salon, a beauty care, a bar-restaurant or a rental agency…

How can YOU support you in your daily activities ?

Increased visibility

Benefit from maximum visibility and be connected to our numerous users.

Automate appointment scheduling

Automate appointments or booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to our connected management application and connected dairy.


Simplified collection

Cash-in easily, follow the status of your stocks and manage your business effectively.


Your meetings

No more forgotten appointments..

A push notification or automatic reminder sms sent three hours before the time of the appointment.

Your income

For a memorable customer experience, stay connected to your customers in all circumstances.
Increase your turnover. Your visibility is assured thanks to the customized You gift card linked to your brand.

Download the app

Wherever you are, book your beauty care session, restaurant table, hotel room or rented vehicle on the YOU app. Connect to cultural events around you.
Offer the You gift card to your loved ones, it's offering all the practical You guide with all the brands and professionals partners of the You program. The You card is also available in dematerialized and can be used online from all our partners.


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